Responsible Travel

Mystic Himalaya Trekking is less about us and more about You! We simply believe in people and people matter to us. We nurture what all of us like to do-rely. We are glad that our clients have relied on us and has given us a lifetime of faith and trust. Our religion is to stay put in our action then mere words.

The factors that really contribute to a best holidaying experience are our competitive pricing of tour packages. Affordability changes consuming decision and our clients are made to feel that their decision was the best when they counted on us.

Having said that, we are equally caring about our employees, without the perseverance and dedication of our employees our growth would have been meager. Over the years each individual staff we have, has grown with us and have truly earned dignity carving a niche for themselves in the business. Our management puts holistic approach and effort in keeping the staff motivated and upbeat and that does transpire into quality service while attending our clients.

We ensure that there is positive impression of our profession environmentally – our training modules emphasize great deal on protection of nature, care and conservation of the beautiful trails of the Himalayas. Nature has its own way of cleansing and recycling, we like not to intercept her action by strictly adhering to the disposal mannerism – this we practice through strict policy of anti-littering, and single file walking in a trek.

We are sensitive towards culture and its richness and the only way we can show our respect is by knowing their tradition, their belief, and their way of life. This enables us to understand our business even better. For instance, our briefing on visits to sacred monuments, local houses, and local area comes extremely handy to our enthusiastic traveler.

We try and understand the role that particular locality plays in our life helping us win our livelihood and down the line we try to give back in all humility by supporting the locals. Our bit of philanthropic gesture is really too little for what we can do but we try in bits by committing ourselves to local village development projects, donating to local schools, procuring medicines for the local health posts, promoting the local market by purchasing groceries and greens from the local vendor and maximizing the frequency of hiring locals. 3% of the amount we get from our clients are channelized to our “social responsibility tasks”.

Our forte lies in the best what we are good at – Handling our Clients. We take great care of our clients from the day of arrival till the day of departure. Safety and Security are top priorities that we refuse to compromise with. Our scrutiny system is very well modeled thus our logistics, lodging, food, excellent human resources and highly experienced team leaders with proven record of handling medical issues specific to High Altitude Treks ensures smooth, comfortable and risk free trekking.It is also ensured that there is adequate medical supplies for the clients and the staff. Additionally, in all our High Altitude Treks we supply Portable Altitude Chamber or Oxygen Cylinder. As far as health is concerned we are always on our toes attending our clients right from minor headache to altitude sickness. There is rarely a chance when our client must have had a bad day and it has gone unnoticed. Mystic Himalaya Trekking has been assisting trekkers and travelers with exemplary services and that we continue to give our 100% to make your overall experience an indelible one.

See you soon!

Clients Feedback

The company provides outstanding value and service. As clients in the old age group, we appreciated the many added extras including upgraded accommodation and luxuries such as hot water bottles.

Name: Mr. Charles Allister
Nationality: United Kingdom
Address: 4 Laurel Way, Bridge of Weir, Pa11 3NM
Occupation: Doctor
Trip Name: Annapurna Circuit Trek (26th October, 2007)