Instant Everest Trek

Binoy Pics 401

Discover the land of Sherpa’s through the eyes of mystic Himalaya Trekking. Explore the land of mysticism where the power of Khumbila (the powerful Khumbu God) blesses the land of Khumbu valley with all greatness and prosperity. It is believed; at one time Guru Rimpoche foresaw the difficulties Tibetans will have to face in the future and protected this land for the future outcome.

The cool breeze of the Himalayas, fluttering of prayer flags, spinning of prayer wheels and a very distinctive aroma of incense that fills the air every morning and evening with a sacred Buddhist prayer OM MANI PADME HUM dedicated to the god of compassion, will sure deliver a transcendental experience that will never be erased from your mind. Our itinerary gives you a great opportunity to absorb in local culture and allows you to set your foot step on the slope of Kalapathar for a magnificent view of Everest and the surrounding mountains. For your comfort we use all luxury lodges, highlighted with a helicopter tour of Everest Base Camp with an opportunity to land on the slope of Kalapathar.

  • Mode of Trekking: Luxury Lodges
  • Max. Elevation: 3,790 m
  • Best Season: March to May and September to December
  • Grade:Introductry

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