Pranoy Rai

Director/Group Leader

Pranoy Rai

Clients Feedback

We have just spent a week trekking in Nepal with our guide Binoy Rai and we had a fantastic trip! Our private group of three people hiked from one Kerr & Downey lodge to anotther using quiet trails through the mountains, the jungle and small villages. We also spent two days river rafting and staying at the Seti River camp. The views along the way were spectacular and we had warm, sunny days with clear skies for the entire trip.

Binoy was organized and attended to every detail along the way, including making some last minute logistical changes due to the elections being held. He shared his extensive knowledge about the area, the wildlife and mountaineering in general. This was not a technically difficult trip, but the scenery was beautiful and we had some amazing experiences – including hiking 3 hours up to a small village to watch the locals vote in their second Democratic election ever! This unique ‘insiders’ experience was one of the highlights of the trip for us.

We would absolutely recommend Binoy as a guide in Nepal. In addition to being experienced and competent Binoy is also warm and personable, and he has a great sense of humour! We all enjoyed our time with him and had a lot of laughs together. For our next visit to Nepal we will definitely be contacting him and Mystic Himalaya Trekking to plan and guide our trip!

Name: Nina, Darlene & Troy
Nationality: Canadian
Address: Vancouver, BC Canada
Trip Name: Annapurna Mountains Luxury Lodge to Lodge Trek (10th November, 2013)